Day in the life of a student blogger.


Hi, beautiful humans.I’m Nika, and you mean the world to me.

This post is a collab with Olivia of the nice peach.

We are both millennials, but she currently works, and I’m in school.So we decided to write a blog-post about how our daily work/school lives look like as side bloggers.

She is super sweet, her photography is absolute goals, and her blog is very aesthetic.You will never regret checking her blog out, promise!

Now, let’s get into the post.Here is what a day in the life of a 16 year old Indian student blogger looks like!

5:00 am-“dude, how can you wake up at 5 in the morning, I can hardly wake up at 7!”


I’m both-a morning and night person.I’m more of a no-sleep person, lol.Just like Olivia, I love making the day a little longer so that I can get more stuff done.Because there’s never enough time for me to do everything that I want to.

The first thing that I do when I wake up is (obviously, millennials) check my social media.I reply to e-mails, to comments on my blog, interact with my blog audience, read others’ blog-posts, all that jazz-with KPOP blaring in the background all the while.

6:00 am-“oops, she goes to school too.”


Once it’s time, I get ready for school.Can we skip this?Thanks.No pictures of me in my school uniform because the cringe gets real over there, and you aren’t ready for it, friend.

Right until 2:30 pm.

Well, let’s just skip right through the uninteresting part.I go to school, attend it, it ends, and I get the crap back into my comfy room, and finally feel like a human again.

2:30 pm-More internet, duh?


This is when I kinda take in the fact that I just got back from school, chill a little, watch an insane amount of YouTube, read more blogs, and finally check my Instagram and everything.

3:00 pm-Being a student


I could complain about how boring studies are like any other person in school, but to be honest, I’m grateful.So I won’t complain.But the fact remains-studying isn’t something that I enjoy.So I make sure that it’s the first thing that I do after my break ends, so that I can get it done with as soon as I can.

5:00 pm-the time that I sincerely wait for everyday.

This is when I’m done studying, and I do a little bit of research, work on some cool projects, create content, plan content, study French if I want to, do art, and all that fun stuff.


This is also when I do a little more blog-related stuff- like researching about blog growth, planning and scheduling posts, planning collabs, replying to comments, all that stuff.

Did I mention, KPOP playing in the background all the while?Yeah, I study with music on.I do everything with music on, to be honest.It’s my thing.

This usually lasts so long that I lose track of time and space till I get hungry, which is when I get myself some food, and…continue.

8:00 pm-workout.

I usually workout 5 times a week, for 20-30 minutes everyday, depending on my mood.I don’t force anything, so I do what I want to.If I’m working on a dance cover(yes, I do dance covers on my YouTube channel.Read till the end to know more!), I practise.I also love doing Blogilates workouts.I also run on the treadmill.Pretty-much whatever I feel like doing.

9:00pm-This internet thing is getting out of hand.

Yup, you guessed it.More art.More blog work.More content creation.It’s an addiction.That rhymed.

This is when I pick up a self-help book, or…do more… of the internet.Ya girl is crazy.

This lasts a WHILE, bish.I told you, my passion is my lifelong  crush.I give it way too much importance.

11:00 pm.

I force myself to get up and stop, and chill with my parents and my puggo for a while.

We catch up on each others’ days, my puggo listens and barks, and snuggles.I love my puggo.

11:30 pm-“Nika, shut up and go sleep.”

This is when I…go sleep.

This usually obviously changes if I have somewhere to go to, this is a typical at-home scool day in my life.

I honestly CAN’T WAIT for the school year to get over, but I do respect the studies and everything.Ya feel?

Thanks for reading lol


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10 Signs of anxiety.(Bloggertalk#2)-collab w/ ToBeAdultish



(A)This post is a collab with ToBeAdultish , an amazing blogger.She has a blog-post about how to deal with anxiety, as a part 2 of this post.Go show her some support, yo.

(B)I’m not a professional, but I’ve had diagnosed anxiety before, so this is coming from personal experience.

Hi!I’m Nika.Welcome to BloggerTalk #2.

BloggerTalk is a series on my blog, where we get extremely real and talk about what that needs to be discussed, and what people are usually scared of talking about.

Here is the previous BloggerTalk (and the very first one) on my blog:

Why dating is a waste-Toxic boys and highschool drama (BLOGGERTALK #1)

Make sure to check it out!

So, a few months ago, I wrote a blogpost on how to deal with anxiety, and I was surprized by how many of you guys could relate!So I thought, why not write a blogpost on how to find out if you have anxiety. if you’re feelin’ funny and out of control, and stressed.

So, here are 10 signs of anxiety that you shouldn’t ignore.

1.”Everything is too much!”

I remember having not more than 5 tasks to do every day, but still feeling like everything was too much on me.This is because I overthought everything.

2.Changes in sleep pattern.

Do you sleep later, lesser, and more irregularly than usual?Do you often stay in bed for hours at night just thinking, and not sleeping?If yes, then something’s up, honey.


My anxiety had made me extremely cranky to be around at most times.I snapped at the people I loved, and my behaviour was colder and more emotionless than normal.I don’t know if this was because I was overthinking, or if I thought they wouldn’t understand me.


When I was anxious, I was way more self-conscious about everything than I am now.

I’ve always been quite a self-conscious person, but when I would get anxious I would be so self-conscious (about the most ridiculous things.I used to be self-conscious of my fingers.what?), that the people around me could easily make out that something’s up.

5.Changes in eating patterns.

Ever heard of stress-eating?Yeah, that applies to starvation too.When I’m anxious, I starve myself.I just lose my appetite.Some of you might eat more than usual when you’re stressed.But when this fluctuation occurs more than usual, you better get a day off for yourself and sort your shit.


When you’re anxious or stressed, you tend to isolate yourself.But when this happens way too much, it’s not normal stress anymore.

7.Lack of concentration.

Not being able to concentrate while doing the things that you could always do easily and the things that you loved doing.

8.Being cold all the time.

I don’t know.I’m probably the only one whom this happens to.But when I was anxious, I was legit cold ALL the time.I was abnormally cold to the point where I would touch things and a current would run through my body.

Is this normal with anxiety, lol?halp

But hey, I’m not that cold anymore.You can hug me if you ever see me in person.I also don’t bite.Promise.

9.Fears that never existed

Fearing things that you never feared before.

10.Losing your passions.

This was such a red flag, and I regret not noticing it right away.I  have always been a ‘passions over everything” person, but when I was at the peak of it, I didn’t feel happy doing the things that would otherwise make me all excited.This was, in my case, to the point where I was so deep into the anxiety, that I had forgotten what my passions were.

Before I end this, I want to say something.Please read me out.

Anxiety is not “cool”, unlike what most people will tell you.Anxiety is scary, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody, ever.The same applies for any other mental illness.Mental illnesses are clinical, not just “all in your head”, and are real disorders that need to be treated.

I beg you, my reader, to never glamorize anxiety, and respect the ones who have it for living through it all.

Anxiety is not “cool”.It’s awful.

Make sure to read what ToBeAdultish wrote about this!The link is given in the beginning of this post.


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How to improve your French in 10 easy ways.(no BS!)

Hi!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you!

Last month, I wrote a blog-post on my June goals 2018.It included being better at French.That’s when a lot of you realized that I’m a French student, and I realized that a lot of you guys also learn French!

I got a few requests after that, to write about French studies.I thought, that if I made a video about it on my YouTube channel, it would be a lot easier, but then again….why not do both?

So, I decided to introduce a new category on my blog, all about French, where I write blog-posts about the topic, and also update you guys whenever I upload a video on my YouTube channel on the same.

To start with, I decided to give you guys some tips on how to improve your French in 10 easy ways, including the links to some very helpful videos about this.

Before we begin, I want you guys to know that I’m in no way a professional.This is all just based on what has worked for me.

Now let’s get to the point.



The accent.

This is the easiest way to improve.If you can fake the French accent, you’re almost halfway there.Like, even if you suck at French but know how to speak French with the native accent, you will sound much more French and much more professional than your friend who can speak well but can’t speak in the French accent.

Now the real question is, how the fudge to develop a French accent?

I’ll tell you how I did it.

Literally, for 10-15 minutes everyday, say “grrrrr”.That’s it.Say “grrrr” till you think your “grrr” sounds like a French “grrrr”.

I know, I know.But trust me.It works.

I mean, that’s exactly how I developed a French accent.Infact, after doing this everyday for about a month, I developed a rookie French accent so strong, that when I spoke in french, I just couldn’t speak without the accent.So when I speak in French with someone who doesn’t, It’s impossible for me to tone down my accent and make it more Indian so they’ll understand.

It’s permanent AF.But isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for?

2.Each word 5 times.


People call me crazy for doing this, but it really works.

Whenever you come across something new-vocab, conjugations, ANYTHING, write that shit down 5 times.Do this for a week, and you’ll never forget that thing again.

I did this 5 years ago, and hence I still remember the vocab that I learned 5 years ago.

3.Speak it everywhere.


When I’m alone, in front of the mirror.In front of my friends who don’t understand what I’m saying but still tolerate it.In my journal when I’m writing my ideas or thought or whatever down.You don’t have to have a French friend to speak French.You just need to speak in French whenever you speak.Simple?Totally.

4.Listen to French.


No, I’m not talking about TF1, or France Radio 1.Who the fudj wants to listen to French news?We need something more interesting.

Watch French YouTubers!

One of my favourites is a French lifestyle blogger, Jenesuispasjolie.

5.Start using everyday French words everyday.

Let me explain.

I’m Indian, Marathi is my mother tongue, and I speak a little bit of Hindi too.But, I’m best at English out of all the languages that I speak, so I speak in English everyday, everywhere.

However, there are times when I inevitable blurt things out in my native languages.Like, if my toe hits the table, instead of saying “ah shit”, I inevitably and naturally end up cursing in hindi or Marathi instead.If something goes wrong, instead of saying “oh, man”, I naturally end up saying “arey yaar”.

Similarly, get into the habit of saying small common phrases like these in French instead of the language you speak, as if French is your native language.

Like, when your toe hits the table, instead of cursing in English, say “ah, merde!”(I feel like a total bish trying to promote the use of swear words, but that is not what my intentions are.I hope you get the point?).

The small salutations we say everyday like “thankyou’, “hello”, what’s up”?Start saying all of those in French instead of the language that you speak.

What this will do is form the habit of using French vocab often.And soon enough, you’ll realize that the words you say in French everyday come out naturally, and you’ll start using more of French in your everyday use.

The purpose is to incorporate French in your everyday life.

6.Journal in French.


Self explainatory.

Instead of English, Journal in French.


When we’re learning a new language, we’re often too impatient.We over-estimate our capability, study for less than half an hour a day and expect to be amazing at the language.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the law of attraction doesn’t work with learning a new language.You gotta practise and study everyday, consistently.Most importantly, learn because you’re in love with the language, not because it’s a “cool” language to show-off.

Which leads me to:

8.If it’s cool, it’s not worth it.

If you’re learning it just because it’s a cool language, it won’t last long.Make sure that you genuinely love the French culture and language, and that you would do it even if nobody knew that you learn French.

9.Use the internet wisely.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Here are some free sources online AKA my go-to sources for French studyin’

DamonandJo on YouTube

10.Find someone to motivate you.

Someone who possibly learns French too, and who will motivate you to keep going.

Can’t find one?I’m here.DM me on Instagram.My social media links are at the end of this post.

Heyyyy you made it till the end!

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Thanks for reading.Please let me know if you want more posts of this kind!

Question of the day:

What’s one language that you want to learn?

Au Revoir ~Nika x

How to get your sh*t together after a burnout/break.


Do you ever just have a burn-out moment, right after a nervous breakdown, or a YOLO day, or a day off, and feel like you need to get your sh*t back together in order to continue life like a normal person?

You could possibly feel this way for a few reasons.Maybe you’re just burned out and want a day off and a new start to life after that, maybe you just got over somebody and want to live a new life, or maybe you just moved out alone and want to sort your sh*t.

Either way, Nika got your back.I’m going to share with you some changes that you can make to feel like you’re back in control of your life and have your sh*t back together.

But before that, remember one thing:

We are responsible for everything that happens to us whether that thing happening to us is our fault or not.We are always responsible for the way we feel, because we either choose to be happy about it, or sad.Similarly, whenever you feel burned out or out of control, you need to remind yourself that you’re in control of how you feel about everything.




The best way to feel in control of life is to be around people (who make you feel better in every way and aren’t toxic).Call a friend, meet-up with someone you haven’t hung out with in a long time, or my favourite-Interact with your blog audience, if you’re a blogger.



You guys already know how much I use my journal.Dump all your thoughts into that damn journal, write down the solutions to your problems, plan your week, whatever makes you feel sorted.

3.Take an actual  break.


I’ve realized that I can only truly feel like I took a break  if I take a day completely off where I do only what I feel like doing.If I want to spend all day in bed with cold water and YouTube, I will.If I want to blog or do art all day, I will.But I won’t force myself to get something done or to work on my goals of the week/month, because unless you are truly convinced that your day off was “off” enough, will you get back on track right after.

4.Tidy up.



Tidy up your space, switch furniture around, add new décor, do whatever makes you feel comfortable in your space.I love having a room with not much stuff lying outside of the closet, but tons of fairy lights, quotes, and my artwork on my walls to inspire me.

5.Change your routines.


Switch up your morning or night routine.If you always workout in the morning, try working out at night for a week.Making small changes really makes a difference, because it breaks the monotonous cycle.

6.Find someone to envy.

I don’t know about you, but jealousy and envy are HUGE motivators for me.Or, wait. Let me frame this differently.

Whenever I get jealous of someone’s life or envy what they have, instead of talking crap about them to make my ego feel better, I convert that envy into motivation to work harder on my goals, set harder goals, and to achieve the life that the person I envy lives.

This is a massive game changer.

When you find someone who you envy, you will work harder to have a life that awesome.I’m not asking you to copy that person’s lifestyle, but if envy helps you work harder(and not go too hard on yourself either) on your own goals, isn’t that just awesome?

I think it is, because we as humans envy each other all the time.

7.Create an alter ego.



This could be a whole another blog-post topic to be honest, I can write lots about it.It compliments the previous point I just mentioned.

Ask yourself what you don’t like about yourself, what you can do to change that, and what qualities the person you envy has.

Get creative with this!Name your alter ego, draw it out, write about your alter ego’s badass character.Create your dream character, and live it.You will hardly ever feel out-of-control or burned-out again.Promise.

8.What are you going after?

A day off is the perfect time to re-think your goals.What are you doing?Why are you doing what you are doing?Are you really going after your passions?Do you even have a passion to begin with?What are your weaknesses?What do you really want to get out of this life that you have?

cliché , cliché.


9.Reward yourself for every victory.

Don’t get me wrong.

You shouldn’t party for just doing things, if you know deep down that you could have done way better.Like, I have friends who throw full-fledged parties for the most average accomplishments.I’m not degrading anybody by saying this, you should totally celebrate everything.But if you know deep-down that you’re actually pretty disappointed and that your accomplishment is pretty average, take that as a motivation to do even better next time.Don’t celebrate just to make yourself feel better.Celebrate because you know you deserve it.

But whenever you set a goal and feel like you absolutely crushed it, reward yourself with something valuable, and truly celebrate.It could be the smallest of rewards, but we’re basically trying to make friends with the top floor here (AKA the impatient mind).A reward will make you feel like you are closer to your end goal, and will more likely prevent you from feeling like you have to “have your sh*t together”.

10.Some YouTube videos on this topic:

You guys know that I watch an insane amount of YouTube.I have watched some videos on this in the past which might be helpful.

Question of the day:

What do you do on a typical day off ?

Thanks for reading, fam!

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5 FREE sources to learn about BLOG/ONLINE GROWTH.

Hey bloggers!I’m Nika.I’ve been blogging seriously for about 4 months now.I’ve been doing a little bit of research from time to time about blog growth, online growth strategies, algorithms, and all that jazz.

I’ve written a few other online-growth related blog-posts:

my blogger goals of summer 2k18,

20 unique blog-post ideas. 

How to get your first 100 blog followers fast,

10 easy ways to make money online without crazy inestment

How to work with brand even as a beginner/small blogger.

In the 4 months that I’ve been blogging for, I’ve looked up a few free online sources where you can learn about blog growth and online growth in general.

Here are the links to the sources:

1.Melyssa Griffin.

A little info:She was initially a teacher, and started a blog as a hobby(wait for it).Within a few months, she grew her blog so much that she was able to quit her full-time job and pursue blogging and social media as a career.

Yes honey, you heard that right.Now, she creates free online newsletters, free webinars and paid online courses.

Link to her website

This link will inform you about all the webinars and email subscription that you should do to get the info that ya want.

2.The art of blogging.

This is honestly the most informative and valuable blog I’ve ever come across by far.This blog also contains some paid courses, but it’ll take you a lot of time to soak in all the new info that the free stuff itself has.Link to the blog

3.Blog Beautician.

It’s a YouTube channel all about blogging.Need I say more?

Link to the channel

4.Jade Darmawangsa.

This is another YouTube channel, except that it’s about online growth in general.I think it’s equally important to up your general social media game and not just your blog, because it helps you to learn more about how to promote your blog on the internet.

Link to the channel

This is a free 30-day course thingey(that you can finish in one day if you’re impatient like me).It overs algorithms, traffic, engagement, blog and general online growth.

Question of the day:

Who is your favourite blogger?Tag them in the comments, and I would love to check their blogs out!

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Au Revoir ~Nika x


How to get over someone?(The thing about crushes)-10 WAYS.


Okay, but aren’t crushes just the most extra, unnecessary, unwanted, annoying, and distracting things ever?

I don’t know-you probably like having crushes.But I don’t, honey.My life-long crush is my passion for blogging and art, and when a person comes in the way, it’s NOT  a cute situation.

But being the 16 year old that I am, it’s inevitable.This is when I need to take a step back, and analyse the situation.

I sit down, write down what I’m thinkin’ up there, and ask myself whether letting this escalate into an obsession is worth it or not.And every time, my answer is “no”.Because I’ve always prioritized my passions over everything and everyone else in this world.

This is when I have to take a step back, and start un-liking that person.This doesn’t mean I have to hate that person, it just means I have to un-like-like that person.

This could be something you want to do no matter what situation you are in-it’s an endless list.

But borderline- our goal here is to get over that person.

Here are some ways:


I would have easily asked you to un-follow that person on Instagram and do all of that common shit.But we both know that it doesn’t work.But what for sure works is truly believing in the fact that that person is not your priority, and truly convincing yourself of that.

So, lemme ask you this:What are your 10 biggest priorities, 1 being the biggest of them all?Write the answer down.If any of the 10 consist of that person, re-think them.

This works too:Would you rather grind until you’re able to live your dream life, or give it up for a person?

If your answer is the first option, there-you have the solution.There’s no point in thinking about that person, because it’s going to get you nowhere.


I know, it’s awkward talking to an adult about this, but they really do have some valuable advice for you.It has worked for me-I always talk to my mom about it when I need to.

It doesn’t have to be a parent, it could even be a friend or a cousin.Just someone who has dealt with it before, maturely and wisely.


The biggest reason why you want to get over someone is because their absence has left a void inside of you, that needs to be filled.

Ew, so cliché.

But once you find the thing that gives you more happiness that the person we’re talking about here does, you’re basically all set-good to go.Because once you find it, it replaces that person.

But remember-don’t replace a person by another person, or you’ll get stuck in that cycle.Replace the person with a valuable passion or hobby.You get the point?


No matter how much that person has hurt you-revenge is NOT the way to go.Period.No revenge.Instead of wasting time figuring out a revenge plan, use that time wisely and develop a new source of happiness.

Bros before hoes passions before everything.


I don’t know how, but this works really well.When you feel badass, you’ll want to work on yourself and your goals, instead of crying over someone else.

There’s a lot of ways to feel badass:


B.listen to badass songs.(My fave-Agust D my Min Yoongi)

C.Getting a change in appearance, like a new hair colour.

D.Subscribing to the girlboss lifestyle.It’s the best thing ever.

And most of all, give it time.Don’t stress too much.Time literally heals everything, at least when it comes to getting over someone.It really does.

Well, that was quick.


Question of the day:

How do you get over that someone?

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June favorites 2k18, but with a twist.


Jeez, I get more and more girly every time I write these.

So surprisingly, this time Nika’s doing a normal lookin’ monthly favorites and trying to be a lifestyle blogger.#mywannabelife

Hey reader/blogger!I’m Nika, and you look so good that my wig just got snatched.No, seriously.You’re an amazing person inside-out and I want you to pat your back before you continue reading.

Did you?Okay, now you can continue.

Here are some of the things that I loved this June:



P.s.I’m not even wearing any makeup in this picture, so it’s kinds irrelevant.But let’s just go with it.

I just recently got into it, and I’m still learning so I kinda suck at it.The only thing I know how to do is bronzer.No kidding.My eyeliner ends up looking like I just ugly cried and choked on water.

But being someone who has always loved art, makeup makes me feel like I’m doing art  even on the days that I don’t.



I’ve been vegan for more than a year now, and I recently distanced myself from it a little.I was still vegan, but I kinda forgot why I went vegan in the first place.I started restricting myself, but that’s just the exact opposite of what veganism is!

Veganism is about eating whatever you want, whenever you want, how much ever you want- as long as no animal died for you.

So I’ve started to learn how to cook for myself, try new vegan food, and do all that good shit that us vegans do.

Speaking of this-Do you guys want to read veganism related posts?Let me know in the comments!



curvy shit


Aren’t they just adorable?



She’s such a creative, aesthetic youtuber, and such a cutie.Her creativity is seriously on point.I love how she films.



I’ve always loved and had a room full of fairy lights, and this month I bought new ones to replace my old ones.

They’re adorable crescent shaped lights and they make me so happy.


That’s right.Blogging is going to be on my lifetime favorites list, because I love it that much.Blogging had helped me meet so many amazing people(Like you!).

i literally fuckin saved it as curvy font but it changes

I would have mentioned BTS songs, because as you guys know I’m an A.R.M.Y, but hey-BlackPink just KILLED it with their recent comeback.

Ah, KPOP.This dangerous concept that once you get into, you can’t escape.


She’s hilarious, honest, adorable, kind, kawaii, and all things that I love in a blogger.

Check out her blog here.

That’s it for my June favourites, check out my April Favourites for 2k18 here,

and my June goals for 2k18.

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I love you so much, and of course, question of the day:

What’s your current favourite song?


Au Revoir ~Nika x