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August goals recap & September goals 2018!



HI!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you!

At the beginning of each new month, I plan my goals for that month, and every week, I divide the main goals up into smaller tasks that I finish everyday.

Sharing my goals with you guys has motivated me and helped me get the planned work done, and apparently it has motivated you guys to be more productive too!

I’ve been setting goals for 5 years now, and if you’ve read my previous goals recap post, you’ll know how annoyed I get when I haven’t been productive and haven’t absolutely crushed my goals that month.That happened in July(I’m so glad that July passed tbh), and when I shared it with you guys, your supportive comments made me get tf back up and get to work.

And I did.And I’m so happy to say that the month of August was SO much better than July.I met some amazing people, went to the coolest places, and I was way more creative and happy than in July.

Honestly, I’m kind of scared about September, because I have mid-terms this month.And exams give me a ton of stress.That also means blogging won’t be my priority this month.And it sucks.But as I promised, I’m going to still be consistent with posting on my blog if not super active.

Here’s a list of my goals for August:

1.875+ followers on Instagram

2.350 followers on my blog

3.Prep for a French exam and give it

4.Be consistent on the blog

5.Workout consistently

Well, I was being really good at this until the end of the month when I didn’t workout for a week straight.Gotta change that and improve, oops.

6.Study for the coming school test.

I’ve been procrastinating way too much with school these days.Gotta change that.

Now, here are my goals for September:

1.Study and prep for mid-terms in school

Break-down to make it easier for me to follow:

Study every single day for at least an hour daily.

2.Workout consistently


Workout at least 3 days a week, at least twenty minutes each day.

3.Be consistent on the blog, with blog-posts and being active.

Break-down: thrice a week-every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

B.Be active on the blog at least 3 times a day, and engage with other bloggers consistently.

4.Work harder on my blog-posts-Graphics, content, value, research, Promo etc.

A.Spend some time only researching about blogging and blog-growth.

B.No half-assed content.

C.Spend time taking good pictures for every blog-post, and editing them.

5.Be consistent on Instagram with posting and commenting on other bloggers’ Instagram posts.

5.Hit 400+ blog followers.

6.Hit 950+ Instagram followers.

7.Manage stress well-journaling, take breaks etc.

What are your goals of the month?How was the month of August for you?

I know that all of my fellow bloggers from the northern hemisphere are starting school this month.All the best for the new academic year to you guys!Slay this year.

I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account too!Let’s talk!

Take care, y’all.Dont overwork yourselves, ily.Au Revoir!


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Types of reactions when I dyed my hair red.(the hate was real lmao)BLOGTALK #3

thumbnail for the red hair post

Disclaimer:This blog-post might offend some readers.I just want to make it clear that this is not meant to offend anyone, these are just my personal opinions and me narrating things that happened to me.It does not mean to target anyone in specific!

Good vibes, guys.


Bonjour vous les gars!I’m Nika.Nice to meet you!

BlogTalk is a series on this blog wherein I get real real with you guys.

Click here to read the second BlogTalk!

So in the month July, I got my hair dyed red.And I got a LOT of different reactions to it.I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you.

I had dyed my hair two years back.But this time, well..the reactions were a mess.

Two years back, I had long hair right up till my waistline, and I had dyed the ends purple.Purple is a more subtle colour, and since my hair was long, the colour wasn’t very visible.So the reactions were a lot more positive and subtle, like the colour.

If you have dyed your hair before you can relate when I say that you can’t just dye your hair once in your life ad then stop there.It kinda becomes a thing that you do, and dyed hair starts making you feel more you.

And, so I concluded with the decision to dye my hair red.

Here are the kinds of reactions I got to it.

  1. The washroom stares.


Jeez, some high school girls make things too awkward.Imagine doing your thing, fixing your hair in front of the mirror, and then noticing a whole group of girls just staring at you.How awkward is that?!Like, what am I supposed to do?Say hi or send help?


The fangirls/fanboys.These people will touch your red hair 28,768 times a day(an estimation) without asking for your permission, and they will crazy fangirl over how pretty you look.I actually prefer these guys over the first category, though.I mean, I’d rather people show me the reactions than stare at me from miles away.

3.Other people with dyed hair.

After I dyed my hair red, a lot of people who had coloured hair themselves started talking to me and I actually made some really good friends, all because of the fact that we both had coloured hair.It’s a very interesting way to make friends.

4.The jealous ones.

In the beginning, they will act like nothing has changed about you.When they just can’t ignore it anymore because everyone’s talking about it, they’ll act like it’s not a big deal.

5.”but why?”

It’s really awkward when you dye your hair and someone asks you, “but why?”.My answer ends up being something like, “no specific reason *awkward laugh*”.But in reality I’m like, “because I do whatever I want, bish”.

6.The “will you go out with me” bois.

You know, those guys who just ask you out because of your appearance when really they know nothing about you?Yeah, those “Oh, she has red hair, she looks like she parties a lot, let’s try her out” kinda guys.

Bois, I’m already dating my blog.

7.”Can I please feel your hair?PLEASE”

These people are usually the sweetest, most hilarious people on the planet.They think they’re being annoying but really they’re being adorable af.

8.”Can you come with me so I can show your hair to my friend?”

9.*Assumes my entire personality based on the colour of half of my hair*

So, red is a rebellious colour….according to the people that I encountered.And so when people see me with my red hair, they assume that i’m this super rebellious typical teenager who smokes and parties all the time and is against all school rules regardless of whether they make sense or not, and is super rude and bitchy towards everyone.

I’m not like that, guys.You can come say hi if you ever see my in person.I don’t bite, I promise.

10.The people online.

You guys!I got the sweetest comments about my hair from you guys, and from those who watch my YouTube videos.Thanks to everyone.

11.Gyaan unasked for.

Gyaan is the hindi slang for “extra info unasked for”, for all my non-Indian readers.Basically, the people who will give you unnecessary gyaan about how dying your hair can damage it, how it’s unnatural and “against nature”, blah blah blah.

12.The teachers.

Some teachers were extremely chill about my red hair.But fairly enough, some told me how it was against school rules and that I can’t do this to my hair again until I graduate high school.

There’s so much more to these reactions, and so many more types of people that I haven’t talked about here.Honestly, if I mention all of the people, this blog-post will end up way too long.This post was very different from my usual ones, so let me know what you thought about it in the comments’ section!I hadn’t ranted in a long long time, so it feels good to rant again.

My social media:

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ily, Tchao<3

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Here’s what you missed out on this August.(monthly faves)

thumbnail august faves 2k18.png

HI!I’m Nika, welcome to my blog!

I’m usually hesitant when it comes to writing blog-posts like this one, because they get ranked very low with the SEO thingy.But, something makes me want to share my monthly favourites with you guys and pretend to be a lifestyle blogger(which I’m not lmao), so I keep writing these every month.

I started writing these when I started blogging, which was in the month of april of 2018.

April favourites 2018

June favourites 2018

There’s something different about my take on these posts.I don’t talk as much about fashion or makeup, since it’s not really my main niche.Instead, I talk about everything that I liked in that month-from places I went to, food I ate, people I met, songs I listened to, and much more.

So, here are some things that you missed out on this month, fellow blogger.

FASHION & MAKEUP(aka what I suck at)

1.Dark lip shades.

I’ve talked about this before.Since I got my hair dyed red, I’ve been wearing makeup more than usual, just because it goes with my hair.And in the process, I ended up really liking how dark lip shades look on me.




There’s one problem, though.I don’t know how to wear lipstick, so I end up having it smudged all over my hands, fingers, and clothes…

2.These chokers

I got these from H&M, and they’re adorable!I think I’m obsessed.I’m going to wear them everywhere now.

4.My new hair!


I got my hair done red quite a while back, but I haven’t mentioned it in a blog-post yet.Those of you who watch my YouTube videos or follow me on Instagram already saw the hair, but…I dyed my hair red.Yup.

MUSIC, monthly jam:

1.BTS love yourself “answer” album.


2.Thunderclouds by Sia

3.Cider by Yezi

The best Korean female rapper in my opinion.I love her.

4.Killing me by iKON

5.Breathin by Ariana Grande

I love the lyrics.

6.God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande

If this ain’t the definition of badass, I don’t know what is.


There’s, like, 50 more.But as of now, let’s stop here lol


Kuji Cam


This app turns your usual pictures into a retro, Tumblr, aesthetic picture without making it look like there’s too much filter going on.

INTERNET-I’m sure I’ve spent half my life here by now.

The RaisN Brand-Jade Darmawangsa Podcast

Jade Darmawangsa is a 17 year old high school dropout entrepreneur, and she has a free Podcast on Soundcloud all about how to grow on Social media.It’s the best.If you like Gary Vee’s podcasts, you will love this.

Thanks for reading!What was your favourite thing of this month?

I also have a YouTube channel, and I’m on  Instagram too!

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ily, Au Revoir!


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How to manage blogging as a full-time student?(ft.Bayance, Lorelie)

“Blogging is easy”


HI!I’m Nika.Thanks for reading my blog!

So, I’m a senior high student and a blogger.I know bloggers who are also in school.And, sadly a lot of them are really active on their blog when they’re on summer break, but when the school year starts, their blogs kinda…die.

This might also be helpful for those of you who are in school but have a job as well.

Look, I’m definitely NOT the best person to get advice about time management from, but over time I’ve learnt a few things that could be helpful for managing time and being able to do both, blogging/work and school.

note:This blog-post is a collab with Bayance(hey girl, hey ;)) and Everydaymusingsblog.It’s a High-School advice collab originally started by Bayance, and they both have some valuable info for you high schoolers.

(1) Give yourself enough sleep,boo

It’s so ironic that this is coming from me, because I’m the worst when it comes to having a sane sleep schedule.I just find sleep…boring, because I feel like there’s so much better stuff to do than to friggin sleep, ya know?

But I’ll repeat what everyone around me keeps repeating to me everyday:

Please get your sleep.

For those of you who think sleeping is unproductive, remember that it’s not about how much you sleep, it’s about what you do while you’re awake.

(2) Find a “hobby”


I know, blogging is your passion.But it’s something you do religiously often now, isn’t it?

By hobby, I mean-find something different that interests you that is your ultimate go-to when your blog or school stresses you out.

For me, it’s watching YouTube.Super unproductive.Glorious.

Find something that you don’t have to do, but you can look forward to as a getaway.

(3) Socialize!Attend those parties.


I always give myself so much crap for attending parties because I think that they’re unproductive and that I could be working instead, but dude, socializing literally keeps my sanity in place.I can’t live without socializing for more than 10 hours.And I’m sure, that you’re the same.Because everyone needs other humans in their lives.

Socializing is a fool-proof way to get rid of your stresses.I promise.It’s not unproductive.

(4) Everyday motivation.

Okay, I believe that since y’all are bloggers, the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning is probaby check your social media, right?

Make sure that you get your motivation from the internet right then.

Follow @jadedarmawangsa or @garyvee on Instagram, or keep a motivational wallpaper for your phone lockscreen.It really makes a huge difference.

(5) Plan.Everything.

Like, everything.I plan my goals of the month in the beginning of a new month, and I do the same for every new week.

(6) Reward yourself!

When you finish your tasks planned for the day or week, reward yourself boo!You deserve it.It could be anything.

For me, it’s…you guessed it.I allow myself to watch some extra YouTube as a reward.

My rewards are also in the form of savings.I save money every week if I complete a certain amount of goals, and if I don’t complete them, I don’t save the money.

This is also a great way to save, if you’re like me and you’re really hyped about your future business and want to start saving up for it right when you’re in high-school.

(7) Set the work vibe

I don’t know about you, but when I’m laying around in blankets in my PJs, all I want to do is watch YouTube and stuff my face with vegan ice-cream.Being productive is the last thing that I want to do when I’m dressed like that.

The same goes with when my room is an uncomfortable mess versus when it’s comfortably lit up and tidy.

So dress up, wear makeup if you need to, do your hair, sit on your desk, get that work ibe going, and I promise, you’ll feel SO much more productive.

(8) Workout.

This one’s so self-explainatory, that it hurts to know that people still don’t give this a try.

I dare you, fellow blogger-Workout regularly for one week while working and handling school, and you’ll see the difference.

(9) Document it.

You’re a blogger, right?Document your work!Document it when you’re tired of working but still have to be productive, document every small blog victory, document your rants, because there’s a lot of people out there who want more of that in their life to motivate themselves.

(10) Let’s rant together lol

But hey, ranting and complaining is completely normal!Don’t bottle it up when you’re stressed.DM me on Instagram @nicculent, and let’s rant and cry together, with the double-chin selfies of course.It’ll be fun.I’m always up for a rant sesh with my fellow boggers.And if you haven’t tried a ranting sesh with your blogger friends, you’re majorly missing out, yo.

Thanks for reading!I hope you found this collab helpful.

I also have a YouTube channel(nicculent), and I’m on Instagram(nicculent) too!

Guys, we’re so close to 400 followers!Just 50 more to go!Make sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already.

ily, take care.Au Revoir.<33


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How to create a blog from scratch.PART 2(hosting sites, domain, categories etc.)

thumbnail for the series

HI!I’m Nika, welcome to my blog!

For those of you who don’t know-This is the second part of a series that I’m doing on this blog, all about how to start a blog from scratch, involving all the minor details.Read till the end for a link to the first part!

In this post, I’m going to show you through the process of starting a blog.

This blog-post is going to be about how to start a website-hosted blog, NOT a self-hosted one.


You know, a website to start a blog on?Here are my most recommended options:

Blogger-This one’s relatively old, and offers a little less freedom than the other two.Did you know, that it’s also the website that Zoella started her first blog on?It’s pretty OG like that.

WordPress-The site that you’re reading my blog on.I swear by this one, because I’ve used it…obviously.

Wix-It’s relatively new, and has a TON of different themes and lots of freedom to offer.It’s also gaining popularity very quickly.

Go ahead, explore the above mentioned websites, and the many more websites that the internet has to offer.It’s a lot of fun.


Depending on the website that is hosting your blog, this process will differ in it’s steps, so I can’t really explain the steps in detail for each website.But depending on whether you’re starting a personal blog or an online shop, there will surely be guided ways to create a blog.


This part will have a huge say in whether someone will click out 2 seconds after visiting your blog because of the cringey and untidy visuals, or whether they will actually end up subscribing to your blog and becoming a fan.

My biggest tip  request to you is to spend lots and lots of time, effort, and research for this step.

Look up some blogs, decide which visuals you like best, use your brain with the free themes so that your blog looks like it has a paid theme, make sure to have the subscribe button in close visibility, all of that good stuff.

Sounds hard?I gotchu

I’m going to soon write a blog-post all about making your blog visuals look super professional when they’re super low-budget.


Look, this blog is all about honesty.So please try not to get offended as you read this step.

When you have 0 followers, a brand new blog that nobody even knows about yet, and when you yourself have a lot of questions regarding your own blog, nobody could care less about a “hey guys, I’m 16, I like football and my favourite colour is orange” .People don’t care about your introduction when you aren’t famous, so don’t waste your time with writing one.

Instead, let your first blog-post be of value to your new readers.



Online, offline, everywhere.Go crazy with the self-promo.

step 6)Take advantage of my blog following for your own blogs.

No, I’m not kidding.I would be more than happy to support your blogs.Go ahead, leave a link to your blog and tell me something about your blog in the comments-section.

Thank you for reading!Here is a link to the first part of the series.

I hope you guys found this useful so far.Let me know if you have any suggestions!

I also have a YouTube channel and I’m on Instagram!!

ily.Au Revoir.



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Want to start a blog?Read this.(the ULTIMATE guide-Part 1)

thumbnail for the series.png

Bonjour!I’m Nika, nice to meet you!

I have been blogging for 4 months now, and recently, I have been getting a ton of DMs on my Instagram and comments on WordPress about how exactly to start a blog.That’s when I realized that there are a lot of aspiring bloggers who don’t know how to create and customize a blog in the first place.

After replying to a lot of aspiring bloggers on Instagram individually, I decided :Why not write about it on my blog itself, and make things easier for everyone who wants to start a blog?

Hence I decided to start this series.I don’t know how many parts it will consist of.

This is the ultimate guide to starting your own blog, with everything that I know about it.It consists of links to other blogs that have the concepts explained better than me, pictures to make things easier, videos, free online courses and sources where you can learn more on this topic, podcasts, and SO much more.

Let’s start right at the bottom.


You’re contemplating whether to start your blog or not, planning on what to write about, and you’re probably really excited about it right now.

This is where 90% of the aspiring bloggers mess up.

Most people think blogging is super easy, glamorous, and it gives you fame and success real quick.They get all excited, and start without even knowing what they’re going to blog about.

I don’t want you to be like them.

So, before you start your blog, ask yourself these questions:-

Go ahead, grab a notebook, and write down your answers to these questions.Don’t skip this part, because this is the step that will reveal your true intentions with your blog.


If the answers don’t appeal to the purpose of starting a blog, don’

This brings me to the second step.


Okay, let’s assume you really do want to start a blog and you’re all about it.Do you have a planner ready?Because you’re going to need one.

This planner should generally consist of your blogging goals, analytics, scheduled blog-posts, random blog ideas, and the list goes on as your grow your blog, and as categories like “payments’ and “sponsorships” start to make way too.

Now that you’ve made a blogging journal, you might as well just go all out and be extra with it.So go ahead, give your blog journal a name.Give it a creative name that will excite you about using it.

I will soon write a blog-post about my blogging journal, stay tuned!


Now, it’s time for you to decide your blog’s genre/niche.

Self explainatory, right?


A lot of people choose the wrong genre.

You gotta analyse your goal, purpose of this blog, your personality, your interests, and a ton of different things to figure the ideal genre of your blog out.

To help you with this, I have a link to a blog that explains it perfectly:

What should I blog about?


Now that you’ve got everything all sorted, it’s time for the real thing.

It’s time to start the damn blog.

I will talk about this in the PART 2 of this series.Stay tuned!

To be updated whenever the second part of this series will be uploaded (which is very soon), don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via email!

Thanks for reading.If you’re a new/aspiring blogger, leave your blog link in the comments section, because I love supporting my fellow bloggers!

I hope you find this series helpful.

I also have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account!

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Au Revoir, ily ❤



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How to win a Blogger Recognition Award FAST.(no bs)


“Nika tries too hard to get ranked in the SEO search bar”


HI!I’m Nika.Thanks for reading my blog!

When I first started blogging, back in the month of April of this year, I came across the concept of blogger awards.Being the impatient child that I am, I started stressing about why I haven’t been nominated for one yet, and how I can be.

I googled it, looked it up everywhere, but I found no article or YouTube video that explained how to be nominated for one.Eventually, I gave up on the urge to get nominated for one, and continued just working on my blog everyday, without focusing on the award nomination.

A month later, I got nominated for my first blogger recognition award.And then another one.And another one.And yet another one.

It came to a point where I got nominated for these awards so often that I lost track of the number and decided to stop blogging about every single one of them.

But now, I want to fill the gap.So that, when another impatient blogger like me googles “how to win a blogger recognition award”, they see my article and get some tips.

Issa win-win.

Lets get to the real deal now:

(1) Content.

These awards are all about other bloggers’ opinions of your blog, and so when another blogger hops over to your blog to check it out, and ends up seeing a shitty theme and aesthetic, not more than 5 posts, and half-assed content, they might end up clicking out before reading further.

“wtf does content even mean?it’s such a broad term.”

I’ll tell you.


1.Regular valuable blog-posts.

2.A theme that does not look cheap(this one is really important).

3.A good visual aesthetic.

Moreover, don’t be that blogger who just blogs for the sake of it.If you can’t read through your own blog, nobody else will.

(2) Consistency.

Gary Vee has said this word so many times on my Instagram feed, that It’s stuck in my mind like the alphabet.I’m probably never going to forget it.Thanks, Gary Vee.


(3) Engagement.

Talk to  and interact with as many bloggers as you can.

Comment on their posts regularly, interact with them on other social media, all that good stuff.Basically, make some blogger friends.

(4) Tags!

Participating in tags is a great way of engaging with and meeting new bloggers, and getting to know them.It’s also a great way to promote your blog and your personal brand.

(5) Do what I did.

Don’t focus on the nominations.Focus on the factors mentioned above instead.

Thank you for reading!

I also have a YouTube channel on which I upload videos whenever I want to.


Watch my YouTube videos here

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Au Revoir!